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Two Mexican women passionate about nature. They decided to share their passion for flowers, and that's why they created Botanic Art in January 2017. They select flowers by hand to create unique floral arrangements and transform any space into a special atmosphere.

The philosophy of the brand is to spread joy, empathy, and happiness in each delivery. They love people as much as they love nature, that's why Botanic Art is also committed to social support.

We develop a fully customized E-commerce website in Shopify based on a strategy that meets the needs and essence of the brand.

One of the key objectives is to design a friendly and intuitive navigation avoiding overwhelming the user, creating a pleasant experience during the purchase.

The online store and the launch campaign are consistent with each other, reinforcing the image and strategy to reach the target market.

 Product Photography: Collaboration with Laura García.





Captura de pantalla 2019-12-20 a las 2.2
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