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Your leather essentials

Your leather essentials.- The intention of the brand is to create casual and classic products of excellent quality and design that become essential in the daily life of the user through an emotional link between the consumer and the product, that includes a comprehensive packaging experience .

The archetype of the brand represents a personality who loves fashion and knows the new trends. He has a creative, simple, original and innovative personality. He likes to wear classic garments, with a unique, sophisticated and avant-garde style. He’s constantly searching for high quality and timeless brands. He’s authentic, free and independent; he likes to explore the world and get to know other cultures in depth and then apply them in his way of dressing, being able to differentiate himself from the rest. He inspires confidence and transmits elegance, simplicity and security.

The name is an abstraction of the word “cavalry”, which means rustic and classical nobility, coming from the Italian origin "Cavallería".

Italy was our inspiration for being the most recognized country in artisanal leather processes.

We proposed a sober and neutral color palette. The typography of the logo is elegant and unusual, features that generate contrast without altering the harmony with the basic and classic brand. The isotype represents the cavalry: the force combat mounting a horse.





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