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Chocolate de Origen

LURKA honors the Mexican-Basque roots of the founding chef's family and his gastronomic experience, by mixing Mexican cocoa with wonderful ingredients, mainly from the Basque Country and Mexico.

In his factory, the chef toasts, crushes, separates, grinds, shells and tempers the chocolate from the best cocoa beans, to finally wrap each bar by hand for the final consumer.

LURKA is a socially responsible brand committed to the environment, a percentage of its sales are aimed at NGOs committed to the cause.

The name is an abstraction of the Basque "Lurra" which means land of cocoa. It refers to paradise and oasis where cocoa seed crops are found in Mexico. From the "cocoa land", along with other ingredients from the Basque country, the origin of this project is born.

The archetype of this project is based on a passionate and seductive personality that conveys enthusiasm, elegance and sensitivity. It drives you to live life with passion and its goal is to please its audience by establishing strong, emotional relationships.

It projects generosity, compassion and empathy. It is considered a creative and original being; it’s selective and careful, nostalgic about its roots, always looking for the link to the origin.

The branding is colorful, elegant, dynamic and timeless.

The colorimetry is inspired is inspired by Mexican folk.

The isotype and graphic pattern represent the roots of the land where cocoa is planted and both countries, Mexico and the Basque Country, which are the origin of the project, understood as "Lands".








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