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Herramientas curativas

SOONA is a brand that offers different types of healing tools. Its best selling products are quartz bowls, vessels made of pure quartz crystal, which when touched emit a sound with a very high frequency vibration. This sound will allow to work, heal and recompose the personal physical and auric field or of the people that are around.


The name "Soona" means moon in Otomi and is created from the importance of the moon during sonotherapy: quartz is recharged with energy through the full moon.


The logo and isotype are also inspired by the moon phases. The archetype of this brand conveys trust, sensitivity, honesty, always tries to generate well-being to others. He likes to explore the universe and the world in which he lives. Inspire harmony, inner peace and joy. He wants to transform people's lives, through different therapies that reach a state of harmony. Its biggest challenge is to generate a community of human beings that can achieve balance, balance, well-being and happiness. It is considered a simple being, who lives without ties; He is creative and musical.


Colorimetry is based on neutral colors with accents in lavender, which represents spirituality and mysticism, and blue represents purity and tranquility.





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