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The lucky ones

Wipil is a brand of backpacks, bags and leather accessories, constantly looking for trends and details for their products.

The company's philosophy is based on a lucky charm, a "stroke of luck" as its founders consider it, which allowed them to share their work with so many talented people outside the country.

"Stop waiting for luck, make your own", the brand proposes us to go out to find our own luck, and that the brand itself, through its products, can give us the security to achieve it.

The design of the brand is monochromatic throughout all its line of communication; the pattern is inspired by the embroidery of Mexican artisans who are also present in the internal material of their products.

The isotype is a horseshoe, a universal icon that represents luck, with an artisanal design. In this way, the brand conveys both key concepts: luck and artisanal design.







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